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Unlock Exceptional Value with WisdomPOS – Official ANZ-Worldline Referral Partner

Attention Australian Entrepreneurs: Revolutionize your payment processing with WisdomPOS, the premier ANZ-Worldline EFTPOS referral partner. Supercharge your transactions and enjoy slashing costs to only 0.95% – one of the lowest in the nation.

Complimentary Access to Cutting-Edge POS Software for F&B & Retailers

Maximize value for your restaurants and retail with ANZ-Worldline for your merchant services. When you choose us, you're not just getting a payment solution; you're unlocking the full potential of WisdomPOS, our advanced Point of Sales system, at no extra cost. It's more than a tool for transactions; it's a partner that supports and evolves with your business growth.

Smart Surcharging – Where Customers Cover the Costs

With ANZ-Worldline's ingenious auto-surcharging, bid farewell to EFTPOS fees forever. Let your customers handle the merchant fee, so every sale is pure profit for you.

Backed by Banking Giants – Enjoy Perks and Speed

Join one of Australia's largest banking networks and benefit from lightning-fast, same-day settlements by 9 PM*, complimentary EFTPOS paper rolls, and constant merchant support available 24/7.

Effortless, Quick-Start Applications

Ready to leap forward? Fill out our simple form, and an ANZ-Worldline rep will be in touch instantly. No long-term commitments, no overbearing contracts – just a straightforward path to a more efficient business.

WisdomPOS vs. The Rest – See the Clear Advantage

Step into the future with WisdomPOS, where we believe in empowering your business with transparency, efficiency, and unmatched value. We thrive when you thrive.

Feature WisdomPOS Advantage Other Providers***
POS Software Complimentary Additional Purchase Required
Transaction % Fee Ultra-Low 0.95% As High as 1.65%
Transaction Costs Zero Forever with Auto-Surcharging Merchant Bears the Cost
Settlement Speed Same-Day by 9 PM* Next Business Day
Paper rolls Supplies Free for Life Extra Charges Apply
Application Process Rapid & Paperless Cumbersome Paperwork
Commitment Zero Fixed Terms Fees for Early Exit
Ready to transform your transaction experience?

Get started today and join the revolution of effortless transactions with WisdomPOS!

*For ANZ business account holders:

Transactions with Visa, Mastercard, and Eftpos processed through your eligible device and settled before 9 PM (AEST) will have the proceeds available on the same day.

** There is an industry standard monthly Eftpos terminal fee rental at $29.95. Meet a minimum monthly transaction threshold, and this fee will be refunded to you as cashback. Simple savings, straight back to you.

*** Please note that our competitor data varies by provider and may not be up-to-date.

Disclaimer: ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions is a service provided by Worldline Australia Pty Ltd, which is part of the Worldline group, and not directly affiliated with ANZ. For more details, visit

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