Refund & Warranty

Legal Terms Purpose

  1. Customer agrees to buy the items listed on this invoice, and Wisdom Business Solutions Pty Ltd, trading as WISDOMPOS, agrees to sell the items listed on the invoice.


  1. All items are deemed working at the end of the installation and will be shown as proof to the customer.


Terms of payment


  1. Payment should be made straight after the installation is completed. All prices stated are excluding GST.


  1. Payment can be made by wire transfer, cash, or credit card (1.2% surcharge).

Wisdom Business Solutions Pty Ltd

BSB#: 06 2112

Account#: 1010 4705


Warranty, support, and refund

  1. After installation, the warranty will be valid for two years (BRAND NEW).
  2. Defective goods that prevent the items from performing their original functions will be repaired using the item’s available warranty.
  3. The warranty does not cover Internet connection issues caused by provider changes, modem malfunctions, or unstable connections.
  4. Inability to use mobile devices such as a phone or tablet to access our software will not be covered by the warranty.
  5. Intentional/water/drop/vandalism damage toward the item will not be replaced by warranty
  6. Written manuals and phone support by Wisdom Business Solutions Pty Ltd T/as WISDOMPOS will be supplied free of charge.
  7. In addition to the inspection fee for hardware malfunction, the customer will be charged an onsite inspection fee during the onsite inspection.
  8. Wisdom Business Solutions Pty Ltd T/as WISDOMPOS will not be held accountable for any loss of business or any other effects due to POS malfunctioning. The liability is limited to the hardware and the cabling installation.
  9. Wisdom Business Solutions Pty Ltd, t/as WisdomPOS, will not be liable for any loss of business in the event of an internet outage.
  10. Users have the right to cancel their subscriptions with WISDOMPOS at any time. If cancellation is submitted before the end of the month or year, the cancellation will take effect immediately, and users will not be entitled to any refund of fees paid in advance.
  11. In the event that users want to use their own hardware, Wisdom Business Solutions Pty Ltd T/as WISDOMPOS will give users recommendations on the hardware and requirements to support the software that WISDOMPOS provides. In the event that users do not follow our recommendation and cause disruption in business operations, WISDOMPOS will not be held responsible.
  12. Wisdom Business Solutions Pty Ltd T/as WISDOMPOS will not be held responsible for hardware malfunctions that were not purchased from WISDOMPOS.



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